ConnectKey is a software ecosystem that provides the building blocks to leverage your multifunction printer to simplify the way work gets done.

Making your device more accessible comes with risks. While everyone realises the need to safeguard their PCs with virus and malware protection, it’s also critical to understand that multifunction printers are potential points of entry for malicious activities.

Find out how using digital print can promote your business at a fraction of the cost of outsourcing to a print provider.

Xerox® ConnectKey MFPs Connect to your Cloud service and provide powerful document scanning capabilities with all the benefits of the cloud. This brings simple, secure and anytime access to popular cloud services and email.

The new Xerox® Colour C60/C70 Printer integrates benchmark image quality, expansive media handling and professional finishing with efficient, secure and flexible colour workflows to deliver an affordable print solution for any environment.

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Enquiries for the new Xerox Versant 180 Digital Colour Press are very high at the moment. This powerhouse digital press handles coated and uncoated media up to 350GSM.








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UK Head Office

9 - 11 Bow Wharf

London E3 5SN

Tel : 020 7060 1999  


Environmental & Corporate Responsibility

Environmental Responsibility

It is the responsibility of all employees, but particularly Directors and Managers, to ensure that the Company’s Environmental Policy is implemented, monitored and modified in accordance with existing and future legislation.

iNeXsys is committed to reducing the environmental impacts of its own operations and of the services it provides. iNeXsys also works with its suppliers and customers to achieve this objective.

We expect our suppliers to show a similar concern for the environment in all that they do and suppliers may be expected to demonstrate how they comply with the procurement policy and how they can help iNeXsys improve its own environmental performance. Suppliers should examine iNeXsys objectives and targets to see how they can contribute to their achievement.

Where there are contractual arrangements for the provision of goods or services, iNeXsys will use evaluation methods that give weighting to tenders which favour the protection and enhancement of the environment. iNeXsys may reject suppliers and contractors that compromise our environmental objectives.


iNeXsys procurement objectives are as follows:-

Recycling Schemes

Currently at some of our sites the following commodities are collected by reputable companies for recycling, for which transit notes are issued. iNeXsys objectives are to extend the policy of collecting and recycling at all of our sites to include:


iNeXsys will continue to arrange for all chemical waste/used oil to be collected by a reputable company and disposed of in accordance with all applicable legislation and in an environmentally friendly manner. Transit notes are issued for this waste.

Different classes of waste are separated for collection by specialised contractors at all of the warehouse facilities we use.


iNeXsys will ensure that all emissions are kept to an absolute minimum by constant monitoring of its use of energy and good housekeeping.

Distribution & Transport

As a service company iNeXsys has to visit and service its customers’ equipment on a regular and emergency basis, by road, by foot and on public transport. iNeXsys will regularly review its service areas and ensure that all journeys are kept to a minimum, and use the most economical routes/technicians.

Communication of Policy

iNeXsys ensures that it makes available to employees, customers, the public and statutory authorities alike relevant information about the Company’s activities that affect health, safety and the environment where appropriate.

Implementation of Policy

iNeXsys will make all employees aware of its environmental policy, and provide suitable training to improve environmental awareness and allocate clear responsibilities.

Formal Assessment

iNeXsys will conduct regular formal assessments of all the goods and services it provides to its customers and its own activities at each of its locations in the United Kingdom.

Environmental information for our main manufacturer partners

Xerox Environmental Policy UK

At Xerox, sustainability is our way of doing business. We have aligned our goals for the environment and health and safety in five key areas to make an impact across our value chain worldwide. Together with our suppliers, customers, and stakeholders we strive to maintain the highest standards to preserve our environment and protect and enhance the health and safety of our employees and communities.

Green Light is an information hub on sustainable business. It aims to inform the business community about environmentally responsible office practice, social justice and economics - what's known as the triple bottom line. It is part of our wider commitment to socially and environmentally responsible business, in support of the Kyocera philosophy.

HP UK Environmental

We began recycling hardware in 1987 and have recovered over 2.3 billion pounds of products for reuse or recycling since then. In 2010, we manufactured over 310 million HP LaserJet and ink cartridges that contained content from our "closed-loop" recycling process.