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Xerox ConnectKey™

Connect safely.

Your data. Your business.

Making your device more accessible to all comes with risks.

And while everyone realises the need to safeguard their PCs with virus and malware protection, it’s also critical to understand that multifunction printers are potential points of entry for malicious activities.

ConnectKey provides the most comprehensive range of advanced features and technologies to help ensure your company’s confidential information stays secure.

Ready out of the box, standard security features include 256- bit hard disk encryption, McAfee® protection, image overwrite, secure printing with time deletion and emailing to external mail servers, plus a host of other safeguards that help protect your business-critical information from all vulnerabilities.

Xerox® ConnectKey™ MFPs include McAfee® technology integration, resulting in the industry’s first lineup of multifunction printers that protect themselves from potential outside threats. McAfee’s whitelisting technology ensures only safe, pre-approved files or functions are executed on your devices, minimising the need to manually update software levels against new security threats.

Share to the Cloud

Capture. Convert. Share Anywhere.

Xerox® ConnectKey MFPs and Share to Cloud provide powerful document scanning capabilities with all the benefits of the cloud. This brings simple, secure and anytime access to popular cloud services and email.

Simplicity is what makes it so effective. ConnectKey Share to Cloud delivers all of the benefits of cloud computing to Xerox® ConnectKey MFPs in the same way that apps leverage the cloud on mobile devices. Employees use the intuitive touchscreen on every ConnectKey MFP to scan their documents, and the Share to Cloud solution converts the files and distributes them to the selected cloud service.

Not only does this enable knowledge workers to transfer information once trapped in paper to editable digital content, but it also provides on-the-go access to employees’ most important files and documents anytime, anywhere, including access to content from mobile devices.

ConnectKey Share to Cloud is a solution your administrators or IT department will appreciate. Share to Cloud is a serverless MFP application with no on-premise software or hardware required.

So busy employees and administrators can work on more important tasks. Share to Cloud reduces their burden by eliminating the need for implementation, maintenance, and support.


True printing freedom that’s simple, convenient and secure. Anywhere. Anytime.

It’s no secret that mobile technology has changed where and how business gets done. People work from virtually anywhere, and as mobile as our workforces have become, people still need to print conveniently – wherever and whenever business requires. That’s where iNeXsys can help with powerful and flexible choices.

Convenient Mobile Printing

From most mobile devices to almost any networked printers or multifunction systems, Mobile Print raises your productivity anyplace your business takes you – whether you’re out and about or simply in another part of your building. We take the mystery and anxiety out of mobile printing with truly flexible solutions that are simple, convenient and secure.

Flexible Print Workflows

Mobile Print enables you to easily print from your smartphone or tablet – as well as laptops and desktops.

You can:

The Choice is Yours

So in the end the choice becomes simple, do you want mobile print on your own server or in the cloud? And do you want this as part of a managed print service agreement or standalone? Whichever way, it will be simple,convenient and secure and delivered the way you want.

Customise & Control

Single Touch Scanning

Create custom single touch scanning workflow buttons that can be accessed right from the colour touch screen interface on the device. Automate common office workflows, turn challenges into routine tasks, simplify how information is shared.

Whether it’s out-of-the-box default settings like two-sided printing, our innovative Earth Smart feature, or the built-in technology that avoids a second pass of the print engine if only one page was sent, our new technology helps you control who prints what, when and how.

ConnectKey evolves with your needs, starting with very simple controls from restricting usage and regulating colour printing.

Customised user interface

The available User Permission control integrates with your internal authentication system – allowing you to prevent pre-determined or non-authenticated users from seeing specific features on the user interface, and to restrict colour printing or single-sided documents universally or by application, time of day, or day of the week.

And our Microsoft® Windows® print drivers give you the ability to save different settings per application, minimising the need for your users to make changes and reducing the risk of potential errors.

Colour By Words: Unique Colour Control

Have you ever wanted to change the colour of one object or area in a printout without

affecting the rest of the page? With the Colour By Words feature there is no need to go back to square one and manipulate source files. You simply select the desired colour modifications from a drop-down list, and Colour By Words will adjust your printout. Original photo not right? Use the Colour By Words drop-down list and choose “yellow-green colours a lot more green,” and “red colours a lot more vivid.”

Picture-perfect results.




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